Jabber - Chat 2.0

What makes people changing their clothes? Why do they go for a different shirt, trousers or dress? In fact the function of clothes does not change with its changing. Understood, that what people wear depends on weather, taste and income. But there is another important factor-fashion.

Now we have the fashion for something called the concept of web 2.0. This fashion has put to life another concept called News 2.0 and, probably, has generated other brand-fashionable issues. That who managed to comprehend and seize these concepts has got an additional bonus for personal development.

With the rise of new services by Google Inc. such as Google Talk and integration of chat into gmail one can say about the concept of Chat 2.0.

The fact that all new services of immediate message exchange use Jabber/XMPP gives us the basis to rank jabber amongst communication means of a new generation. That who does not use jabber (or Google Talk) looks like adinasaur hopelessly lagging in the race of new technologies.